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AtomicTuna Productions

has been creating narrative and visual art since 2005.

Transformed from a print production company that specialized in fashion and ad campaign shoots for world-renowned photographers such as Peggy Sirota, Claus Wickrath, Herb Ritts, and more, to its creative powerhouse engineered by owner/creator, Diana Yanez.

MISSION STATEMENT - We are dedicated to the empowerment of women+ in all forms and colors.


Diana Yanez - "I am the child of immigrants and if you know anything about what it’s like to come to a country with nothing but the clothes on your back, you will understand why the Yashica 35mm camera my father owned was one of his most prized possessions.

When I was 13 years old, my dad deemed it safe enough to hand me his precious camera and allow me to take my first photographs on a family vacation to the Kennedy Space Center. As is so often said, the rest is history. The cross between technology, story-telling, and creativity captivated me forever and I am still in its spell.

The act of “story-telling” at the click of a shutter led to my scholarship in fine art photography in Berlin, Germany, and countless experiences behind the veil in motion, digital design, social media, and website creation. It led me to Los Angeles, it led me to New York City, and I hope it leads me to you too.

I am a 'Jaqueline of all trades' and I’m glad of it. My portfolio attests to some of the work I've done but it's only the beginning of what I can do.”


D I A N A   Y A N E Z

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