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Award winning critically acclaimed.

Pro-equity, Diverse, and community effecting.


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It's not just a "White Christmas" anymore.

Written & Performed by: Maria Russell, Sandra Valls, Diana Yanez

Directed by: Geoffrey Rivas

Producers: Diana Yanez, Geoffrey Rivas, Matthew Quinn

type: Holiday Comedy for the Stage



created in: 2013

awards & mentions: "Critics' Choice" Los Angeles Times (2013 - 2019)

runs: The Elephant Theater, The Los Angeles Theatre Center, A Noise Within, SoHo Playhouse

Synopsis:  Bursting with laughs, more laughs, music and escándalo (scandal), and making its NYC debut at the SoHo Playhouse. You thought your holidays with the family were dramatic? Try these three hilarious, touching and surprisingly personal Christmas stories of holidays past told by three acclaimed American Latina comedians.

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An American Comedy of Cuban proportions.

Written & Performed by: Diana Yanez

Directed by: Marjorie Duffield

Type: Holiday Comedy for the Stage



created in: 2010

awards & mentions: Best Solo Show - New York International Fringe Festival, "Critics' Choice" - Time Out Magazine, NY, Winner Drama Queens Competition, LA.

runs: Touring, La Macha Theater, Soho Playhouse

Synopsis: First generation Cuban-American Diana Yanez makes 'mojitos out of the limns' of her life in this one-women comedy of misunderstandings, love, and growing up Cuba and queer in Miami.

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